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Areas of Expertise

Anxiety, depression, addiction, life transitions, trauma, relationship satisfaction, general life fulfillment, and self-understanding

My Approach

The most important factor in successful therapy is the relationship between the client and the counselor.  To this end, my goal is to help my clients feel heard, understood, accepted, reassured, and safe in the context of our relationship.  With this foundation, my clients are able to work through their challenges and come out on the other side with more inner strength, self-confidence, self-acceptance, and peace of mind.    

I believe in a client-centered approach to therapy.  This means that I collaborate with my clients determine their therapeutic goals and they are empowered to choose to/not to talk about certain topics.  This also means that I believe my clients are the best experts of themselves and my role is to help them gain insights, and set and pursue their own course of change. 

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